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Why Homeopathy Works and Why Choose Dr. Caitlin Gerazounis?

My passion for Homeopathy developed through my studies. I had always known that I wanted to pursue a career in Medicine. When the opportunity to study Homeopathy medicine presented itself, I knew that this was the opportunity I had been waiting for. 

Homeopathy is an art of medicine. When you learn how to do something, you appreciate the results so much more. Likewise, the more I began to understand what Homeopathy could do for people the more I appreciated the art of this medicine.

Homeopathy healthcare is non-invasive and a holistic approach that considers all aspects of health. This means that we can create a tailored healthcare plan just for you.

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The COVID-19 pandemic took the entire world by surprise. One moment everything was normal, and the next we were implementing social distancing and all wearing masks. The way in which medical consultations were conducted had to be changed. Patients felt isolated from their doctors when they needed them the most. Homeopathic practitioners and other complementary medicine practitioners resorted to different consultation stratagies such as telemedicine in order to bridge this gap in health care.


The integration of technology and medicine is inevitable. The art is using technology to keep the humanity of medicine alive.

Telemedicine consultations are designed to support your healthcare during your busy lifestyle. It offers you the opportunity to seek out professional medical advice in the comfort of your own home.

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